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Last Year (2015)Tim, Steve H, SteveT, Jim, Simon and I took on the Round the Island Race (The Isle of Wight!) We are all Broadcast Engineers who work for Sky, with the exception of Simon who is a Professional Skipper and gave up his time to help us take on the challenge.

We did really well round the Island, we came 264th overall out of 1586, 12th in our class of 42 finished at 18:15:28. Completed time was 9 hours 35 Mins 28 seconds, and we raised £2015.00 in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support which is fantastic! Something we can all be proud of.

The Round The Island Race is an annual event where many of the worlds leading yacht racing names, including Dame Ellen MacArthur and Sir Ben Ainsley and thousands of keen amateurs come together to race their yachts around the Isle Of Wight on the south coast of England. More details of the event itself can be found here - http://www.roundtheisland.org.uk/

Queen Bee is entered again this year (2016) So assuming the Refit is completed on time we are aiming to do better than last year.

The Crew: (Missing a Picture of Hale!)

Simon  Smith - The Skipper

Tim Taylor   - Crew

Jim Hardie - Crew

Steve Tilston - Crew

Peter Charles - Owner

Morning Sunrise the day of the race 27th June 2016


Rounding The Needles Simon took us through the short cut! Depth 0M

(offset) Bubbles I am told!

Round the Back about half way. The sail in the distance at an angle is a boat on the beach!

Nice Pictures of Queen Bee Racing

And for all those out there who spend too much time on your boats!