What’s in a name The Fleet Home Technical Information Information History Views from a mooring Sovereign 35’s  in the press Sundance Pictures  & Text Lerryn Lady Plymouth Classics  July 2007 Sovereign 35 Owners  Club  Meeting 2007 Sea Bright ‘s voyage to New Zealand Queen Bee Round the  Island Race 2015 Sovereign35@btopenworld.com Super Sovereign 35     A safe and seaworthy cruiser NainJaune Story Tingara- this is based on the Tingira an aboriginal word for the ocean or open sea  pronounced Tinguy-rah, Tingara is the more popular spelling used today.   Tingara also have their own web site link below: ttp://www.tingara.co.uk/ Lutra II - Lutra lutra Eurasian common otter so is the Lutra II a play on words?    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/European_Otter Sanesta - Cannot find a definitive meaning to Sanesta it seems to have origins in Eastern Europe. “Nesta” means pure I thought it would be interesting to look at each of the boat names and how they may relate to the boat. The information is either from the Web or from talking to the owners. A lot of it is assumption that the name relates to the meaning of the word. Ban Kwai - It appears this is a village in Thailand BAN KWAI THAI SAMUI or THE BUFFALO VILLAGE.  ban_kwai_thai_samui_or_the_buffalo_village Oleander - Nerium oleander, commonly known as oleander, is a highly toxic plant that has been cultivated since ancient times.  http://www.kew.org/plants-fungi/Nerium-oleander.htm Magus - A member of a hereditary priestly class among the ancient Medes and Persians b often capitalized : one of the traditionally three wise men from the East paying homage to the infant Jesus also Magic, Magician, Sorcerer