What’s in a name The Fleet Home Technical Information Information History Views from a mooring Sovereign 35’s  in the press Sundance Pictures  & Text Lerryn Lady Plymouth Classics  July 2007 Sovereign 35 Owners  Club  Meeting 2007 Sea Bright ‘s voyage to New Zealand Queen Bee Round the  Island Race 2015 Sovereign35@btopenworld.com Super Sovereign 35     A safe and seaworthy cruiser NainJaune Story A view from the Mooring Pictures taken while sitting on the mooring at Weir Quay Access to the Propshaft and  rear of the engine The Propshaft and showing  the connection to the anode Perkins sits snuggly New Oil Cooler, it took a while to fit as it involves  crawing into the locker and some interesting moves.  I keep my mobile phone to hand incase I get stuck The Original Oil Cooler Fixing the discharge pump on the Baby Blake One of the most unpleasant jobs Sometimes it is not possible to get to the boat  Spring tides and strong winds made launching the dinghy dangerous,  I spent the night in a local B&B The sea came into the boat yard The day after from the B&B It is not always windy Youngest son takes mum for a ride A Bowman 36, it fooled me Fixing Moorings (Weir Quay Sailing Club) Fresh Veg in the Galley Sink Merrick at Weir Quay Big Sky Full Moon Sun through the morning mist Looking across to Weir Quay SC Fitting the Calorifier While outside the calm before the storm December 3 2006 I noticed the strange light while working below, this is a colour photo Slightly later