What’s in a name The Fleet Home Technical Information Information History Views from a mooring Sovereign 35’s  in the press Sundance Pictures  & Text Lerryn Lady Plymouth Classics  July 2007 Sovereign 35 Owners  Club  Meeting 2007 Sea Bright ‘s voyage to New Zealand Queen Bee Round the  Island Race 2015 Sovereign35@btopenworld.com Super Sovereign 35     A safe and seaworthy cruiser NainJaune Story The three of us who braved the weather to get to Fowey (Well 2 Lerryn Lady had to Motor gently from upstream at Wisemans Reach) Merrick Enjoys the sunshine on the way to Lantic Bay Merricks Bow cutting through the water Brigus shows her heels and sails past Lantic Bay (It was a lovely Day) Lerryn Lady and owners enjoy the swell and a beer in Lantic Bay Queen Bee and Brigus Rockin’ and Rollin’ Brigus moved as the swell got bigger and guests threw up. The 5 Sovereigns in Lantic Bay Owners and Crew at Dinner Enjoying the delights of Merrick post dinner Merrick on the run home with Pam at the wheel Queen Bee Showing here bottom to Merrick Queen Bee Goes Down